Criteria demo

This is an alpha-release of a utility that converts pseudo-SQL into PHP Propel code. Give it a try — feedback is welcome on the symfony forum!

Enter pseudo-sql

Columns must be in the form table.field and strings must be in single quotes. Supported comparison operators are =, <>, !=, <, >, <= and >=. Also allowed are LIKE, NOT LIKE, IN, NOT IN, IS NULL and IS NOT NULL. In strings, the apostrophe character can be escaped with the use of a backslash. Brackets to any depth are fine, and clauses can be joined with AND and OR. No subclause may contain both AND and OR - use brackets to indicate precedence.

Generate code comments
Include skeleton iteration loop
Show parse tree
Propel object array
Propel ResultSet
Numerically indexed array (slightly faster) Associative array (more maintainable)
Criterion variable prefix:

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